Tuesday, November 15, 2011

We're Not Cooking Cabbage Anymore

Hey you!  You over there!  Hi!

Who? Me?

Yeah, you over there!  Hello!  Hey, remember when I used to blog?

Um, no.  No, I don't remember that.  You blog?

Blogged.  Past tense.  I haven't in a really long time.  You see, I got a full time job.

Oh.  Okay...

And before that I was spending most of my time looking for a full time job.  Before that I was writing a novel as full time as I could while also raising a child full time.  I did that for quite awhile.  Well, that and sporadically posting random experiences related to the writing and child raising.  And there was a brief stint with cooking locally grown cabbage but that didn't last long.

I see.  So what kind of job did you end up with?

A job working for the same institution where I took a writing class one year ago.  I work for a writers program.  It's called Writers' Program.  And I don't have to hide my dream to finish my book.  They like that.

Wow, that's fantastic!  Congratulations!  


No, really, I'm so thrilled for you!  I mean, what are the odds you find a full time job with benefits that not only is in the field you love but also supportive of you accomplishing your own writing projects!

Yeah, it's real...

It's real fantastic!!!!!!!

Um, yeah, it is.

You've been working on that book and wanting to write more books and I've been sitting here wondering, "What happened to that lady who used to blog about her kid and cabbage, for god's sake?!?!  Where is she?!!"

I thought you said you didn't know I blogged?

I did?

Yes, you did.  But you're pretty happy for someone you claim to not even know blogs.

Blogged.  Past tense, remember?  


Okay, I may have looked at your blog a few times in the past.  

You did?

I did.  And I've been wondering about something-- does your kid still have wonky sleep?

Almost every night.  As much as things change, others remain the same.  And now I have to go because he's been sitting in his bed for over an hour but not falling asleep.  He's a machine.

Okay, good luck.


Oh and congrats again!