Sunday, April 29, 2007

Biotech Chemicals and Maritime


Did you know that these above fields are occupation options to choose from in describing one's self on Blogger? I find this extremely weird. Along with the standards like "accounting, education and marketing" are those bizarre options above. I don't mean to offend here, I'm simply naive I guess. I didn't even know what maritime was referring to (anything relating to the sea apparently). So does that include a cruise director as well as coral reef preservationist? And how many people work in chemicals? That scares the hell out of me to think there are enough people in a chemicals field to warrant their own category. "Biotech?" Uh, alright.

Equally strange is that "Entertainment" is not a category. I don't think "Health" of "Fitness" are either. "Pet Care" is definitely not an option. And so I am not sure what career to choose for my profile besides "not specified."

I have spent a good chunk of my life OBSESSED with careers so it is interesting to me that biotech, chemicals and maritime are ones I have never even known existed. And if those are options then why aren't careers like beauty? There are millions of manicurists out there pissed off because fashion has it's own category! And what about people working in cremation and funeral services? Where's their frigging category!??! The possibilities are endless here!

Friday, April 27, 2007

Travel? Yes Please!

After 3 days in a row of air travel, I am not feeling so hot. My head feels like it's still flying over Ohio at 30,000 feet. Yuck. While I may not feel so great physically, I feel fantastic otherwise. I get BORED at home, even if I'm completely swamped with obligations. It's weird but traveling gives me a sense of worth. As someone who struggles with self esteem on a daily basis (I know, so pitiful right?) it is truly bizarre how a trip to anywhere can lift my spirits. While I think Pittsburgh--downtown and surrounding areas-- is really quite lovely, this is the view I saw from my hotel room...

Blah, nope. Ah well, it's a weird time of year and stuff is just starting to grow back. So I can excuse the outdoor landscape but here's what I saw inside my room...

Oh yum, yum! What better way to spend an evening away from home than enjoying a six pack of Bud. Alone. In a hotel room. Alone. Bud.

Clearly I am not this ad's target market. It's weird to me that Holiday Inn seems so thrilled with this offer. It's not simply written in a room service menu, no, no--it has it's very own table promo just like the children's zoo. Where's the promo offering a six pack of beauty goodies? You know, lotion, eye pillow, body scrub, etc. Now that would be worth it. I might even be enticed by a six pack of import beer. Believe me, just spend one or two nights in a hotel with a star rating above 2 and you will become a travel snob. It doesn't have to be the fancy shmanciest place in all the land but a great bed and equally great toiletries offering does the trick. A six pack of beer is nothing compared to a bottle of red wine, cheese/fruit plate and plushy bath robe--that trip was great! Of course the view from that place was not the above of a Holiday Inn outside Pittsburgh, it was this...

Aha! There we go. See, even overcast skies can't dampen this landscape (although the shopping centers popping up everywhere don't help it). Those are the trips I wish I never had to return home! One of these days I'll just send for my husband and cats and we'll live out our days in hotel bliss. Room service every day please! Replenish my shampoo and shoe polish every day please! Plushy bath get the idea.

That wasn't my original point though. Yes it is wonderful to stay in a nice hotel and I love it. But I am also more than satisfied with my not so great hotel room outside of Pittsburgh. And my tiny, tiny room in New York City wasn't half bad either. I think I missed my calling as a roadie...

Wednesday, April 25, 2007


Hi! I went away for the weekend--Mr. Jarcy and I went to New York City. It was lovely. And exhausting. Granted Mr. Jarcy and I were up and out very late each night but we took naps every day while we were there. It was kind of funny. There's just so much around you at all times that we were reduced to toddler stage and needed breaks. I am very in touch with my inner toddler and I'm sure Mr. Jarcy would agree. Like any toddler, I have things that set me off. Things like long lines, hunger, fatigue, uncomfortable clothing and the inability to locate my Vaseline Lip Therapy. So yes, naps were needed and I wore the same jeans three days in a row with dry lips.

Well I am now going back to the airport...Pittsburgh awaits my arrival. I'll be giving myself a Benadryl in a moment here, it's my new flying "cure." It makes me drowsy and chill enough without completely knocking me out like a Xanax. My travel partners already help carry my luggage but I think they may draw the line at carrying me.


Thursday, April 19, 2007

I've Been Replaced

Creepy the Cat is still being medicated--she takes 1/4 of a Prozac tablet daily. She is still miraculously calm and content. It's like this poor animal has been needing something to take the edge off her entire life. I've gotten to sleep through the night for an entire week now. She doesn't make god awful howling sounds throughout the day for no apparent reason. She is not in dire need of my lap the moment I sit down. She's not begging for food all hours of the day. She hasn't really sat on me much at all now. Mr. Jarcy is more than satisfied with this medication intervention.

I, on the other hand, am struggling.

I'm now faced with my own co-dependency issues and it hasn't been pretty. I wanted her to be more self-sufficient for sure but now she doesn't seem to need me at all! I spent hours watching a "Law and Order: Criminal Intent" marathon the other day and usually that is a WE activity--meaning me and Creepy--as opposed to a ME ONLY activity. Take away the purring lap cat component and the activity makes me a lazy dud. Before I could pass it off as "bonding with my cat" time. Nope, not now. Now I'm the loser with no plans. I used to be able to summon her from any point in the house and she could not run to my beckon call fast enough. Now? Well now she just ignores the call. I must admit I'm a little heart broken! She used to be so talky...okay, she meowed A LOT. She still meows only the frequency has gone down drastically. I feel like a mother who's kids have left for college.

Mr. Jarcy says he knew this would happen. He's spent enough time observing our dysfunctional relationship to know I would experience feelings of abandonment and loss. If I'm like this with a cat I shudder to think how I'll behave with children.

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Sweet Tooth Out For Seafood

God damn it, I'm craving shrimp again.


My Cat Takes Prozac...She Asked For It, I Promise

Mr. Jarcy and I put Creepy the Cat on Prozac. Nope, not a joke. Actually Creepy's vet put her on Prozac once she understood the hell little kitty was putting us through. For those of you judging me right now, all I can say is that you've never lived with Creepy the Cat. She's been a ball of anxiety since the day I brought her home and it finally got to the point where one of us was needing to be medicated. I'm glad it's her and not me. I am tempted to take the other 1/2 of her dosage though, I won't lie. But as long as Creepy gets Prozac, life feels like we're ALL taking Prozac. It is truly amazing and I have gotten to sleep straight through the night for almost a week now! That hasn't happened in 7 years which is how long Creepy has been in my possession.

I wish we all took Prozac. I'm not sure what the world would look like without anxiety and depression but I'm interested in finding out. I might start a campaign to install gumball like Prozac dispensers in all schools, libraries and Starbuck's. I figure everyone goes into at least one of those places on a daily basis, right? Sadly I'm guessing libraries are not frequented nearly as much as Starbucky's but it could be a way to lure folks back in to them! People would tearfully drag themselves into the library for their Prozac and then mosey their way through non-fiction and periodical sections. I think I'm on to something.

In other news, I have been ill. Ill like I feel I may cough out one of my badly scarred lungs ill. I get this way like 4 times a year and I'm such a wreck both physically and emotionally from it. Mr. Jarcy, on the other hand, has never been sick. I think he might be immortal or not of this planet. Sometimes I wish we could trade a few genes as I've been doled out the "runt" genes.

Our other cat, Fatty, has asthma. She wheezes and now so do I. Maybe I can just share my inhaler with her instead of buying one just for her use. I think the Jarcy household is single-handedly keeping the drug companies afloat. It's like our very own pharmacy here. I wonder how much schooling I would need to become a pharmacist...

Wednesday, April 11, 2007


I have gotten myself into a bit of trouble here. No, I'm not pregnant with another man's child but it's almost as damaging...I'm addicted to wordaholic.

Wordaholic is a game I found while looking at Yahoo from my phone. I can't find it online from the computer actually so it must have a different name. Weird, I know. Anyway, I'm obsessed with it which is why it is called wordaholic. I must not be the only one who's fallen so hard. Basically there are 4 words listed and then you start making new words out of each. Here's an example...


Ooh, oh, here's another example!


And so on and so on! Oh god, I cannot stop!!!!

Apparently there are at least 60 words you can make from the single word "benefited." Who knew? Not me. But now that I do it is all I think about. WARNING!!! Do not play this game right before bed. Two nights now I have not been able to sleep soundly because my brain is way too occupied with generating more words. And oddly enough I seem to come up with more when I'm not looking at the word. Now I'm even looking at signs on the street and changing those words into others. Ahhh!

There are worse addictions, this if for sure. But give me just a little more time and I'm certain I can provoke the need for therapy with this incessant need for wordaholic. Hmmm, wait a minute...


Tuesday, April 10, 2007


Things that are making Mrs. Jarcy disgruntled today:
  • Creepy the cat's need for constant attention at 4 am. And 5 am. And 6 am...
  • A course white hair I found on the top of my head amidst the all brown ones.
  • Crazy Cubs fans invading my neighborhood.
  • Inevitable vet visit Friday morning to "cure" Creepy the cat. One of us needs anxiety meds and surprisingly it is not me.
  • Inevitable and expensive salon visit to conceal course white hair with dye. I will not age gracefully as long as I'm under the age of 60.
  • Inevitable and irritating afternoon of navigating around drunken Cubs fans. Yesterday one of them tried to trade me the dog I was walking for some cheap ass blanket. His friends thought this to be hilarious. Oy.
No amount of yoga, meditation or heavy drinking will fix the above issues. Grrrr!!!

Friday, April 6, 2007

Anyone Have An Extra $30 Million Lying Around?

Isn't he cute? He has a pet dinosaur! Awwww!

I love animals. You may have noticed all the pictures and videos on this site. I can't help it, I am obsessed! I have two real cats and two imaginary dogs. That's correct, the dogs are not real except for in my head and now Mr. Jarcy's head. I've talked about Frankie and Eddie--one is a Pomeranian and the other a chihuahua--so often that he now owns two pretend pups as well. The real cats are more than a handful so any pets beyond them will have to be imaginary. Until I have my elephant and rhino sanctuary at least. Did I mention I want to have an elephant and rhino sanctuary before? Well I do. And then I will have all sorts of other rescued animals residing there like wolves and chickens (separate living quarters of course). I'm not sure how I will financially support this endeavor which is why it doesn't currently exist.

Some folks may think I'm a bit overzealous with my love but I don't care. I've never known an animal who has let me down or not provided me with hours of entertainment. And they're great cuddlers. Well, I'm guessing I won't be able to cuddle the sanctuary animals or else I might wind up disfigured. I'll love them from a distance.

Wednesday, April 4, 2007

Bring Out The Candles!

After yesterday's marathon post, I have just a few, simple words to say...
Happy Birthday Jeff Griggs!
That is all for today. Goodbye.

Tuesday, April 3, 2007

Please Pass The Shrimp/Valium Cocktail

I'm craving shrimp cocktail lately. CRAVING! And I'm not sure why. I haven't eaten shrimp since "The Shrimp Pad Thai Incident" back in the summer of 1998. That was my initiation into the horrific world of food poisoning and I've never forgotten. I looked like a leper and I'm not joking. Every blood vessel in my face burst from puking and I looked worse than a character of "Angel." (God I miss that show). Anyway, back to my history with shrimp. I used to LOVE it when I was a kid, then I didn't care about it, then I sort of liked it and tried it and then it made me ridiculously ill in 1998! As a result, I have steered clear of shrimp for nine years. You see, I'm not the type of person who gets knocked off the horse and then just gets back on. Oh no, no...I'm the type who gets knocked off, whimpers about getting knocked off and then flees the scene completely. After a nine year hiatus, I'm still not convinced I should get back near the horse. I mean shrimp. Whatever.

About a month ago I started fantasizing about SHRIMP! Why? Why now?! It's the most bizarre thing and, NO, I am not pregnant. I do know, however, that I am obsessed with plotting out various stores I can hit up for shrimp. So far I've come up with Treasure Island, Whole Foods, Trader Joe's, Jewel, Dominick's and possibly 7-Eleven. Do you think Citco sells shrimp? I could fill my car with gas AND buy shrimp. Or maybe Dunkin' Donuts!? I'd like the shrimp cocktail and an apple fritter to go, please!

On an either directly related or totally separate front, I have been feeling weird and by weird I mean blue. That's right, Mrs. Jarcy gets depressed from time to time. And it's really no fun but that is obvious. People either feel the same way and can be of no help or have never felt that way and can be of no help. I'm over-generalizing and it's one of the symptoms--everything is an extreme. So I plaster a smile on my face in public--fooling no one at all really--and change the subject if at all possible or hibernate in my home until a loved one lures me back outside. It sucks!

Tonight I had to break down and--get this--actually do something to make myself feel better. There's nothing better than a good wallow when you're blue, nothing! But after enough people ask you if you're familiar with THE SECRET you realize, why yes, I am familiar with the secret. And my secret is yoga. I had to drop all other evening plans and make a mad sprint to the yoga temple. That's correct, it is a temple. And it is lovely. It is quiet and peaceful and sorta hokey and I want to live there. For nearly two hours we "restore" in various yoga poses atop a nest of blankets and props. The teacher walks around and tucks everyone in with more blankets. And we breathe deeply as opposed to the "oh shit I think I may go crazy" breathing experienced throughout the day (I say "we" for it can't just be me!). She even sings to us in this lullaby sort of manner. I swear, I feel like I'm back to infancy when the most I worried about was how to fit another nap into my already overbooked day of naps.

Let's recap--I'm soft spotting shrimp, battling bleakness and nesting in a temple. Hmmm...okay....awkward pause...insert smile here...Hey, have any of you heard about THE SECRET?!