Monday, June 30, 2008

A Weekend of Sex

Hello!  Yes, that's right, it was a weekend full of sex...or I should say watching sex.

Mr. Jarcy and I went to go see "Sex And The City" on Friday.  He said he scored major points for attending and I tend to agree with him.  I loved watching the HBO series, however, the movie was just okay for me.  I'd watch it again even but I think at home.  Since when did those ladies start shrieking every occasion they get together?  They didn't do that on the series, that is an annoying and new habit possibly picked up from the years long hiatus.  

Now on to sex watching number two only this time it was real and unintentional.

Mr. Jarcy and I live on the top floor of a three flat.  It is the only three flat on the street and on either side of us are two flats.  Two two-flats down a teenage boy and his girlfriend decided to engage in some rather interesting sex acts on top of their roof!  It is plainly, painfully obvious that we are at eye level with them and yet they still decided this was a good idea.  They didn't even seem to have the decency to look for movement in our apartment before starting up.  I was diddy bopping around the house in a bathrobe so clearly I wasn't expecting anyone to view me either.  So for a good 20 minutes we were stuck in our living room because we didn't want to walk by mid-act.  His family just threw him a graduation party a few weeks ago...guess his girlfriend finally came over to give him his present.  

Both experiences this weekend left Mr. Jarcy and I feeling somewhat old and boring but I think I'm okay with that.   

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

The ONLY Reason Our Credit Cards Expire


I called in to my credit card company today to activate a new card.  The current one expires in a week.  The activation turned into the worst sales pitch ever.  First I got hit up to buy different features, none of which I can even recall now because they seemed so vague.  

"No, no," I said, "I'm just calling to activate the card."  
"Great," the guy said, "Hey, as a courtesy did you know your card has fraud protection?"  
"Well, I would hope it has fraud protection," I replied.  Don't all cards have this protection to some degree?  My mother just had a fraudulent experience and her credit card remedied the situation immediately!
"Perfect," Mr. Stupid Sales Guy disguised in Activation Helper's Clothing said.  "I'll set that up on your card right away."
"Woah, wait...It doesn't already have this protection included?  If you're just adding it now, does that mean you're charging me extra?"  My heart started to beat double time.
"It will be an additional $11 a month for the coverage so, no biggie, so if you just give me a moment here I will have it all taken care of and..."
"Hey!  No!  Don't just add that to my card then! " By this point I was livid.   
"Oh, well, alright then," he said confused.  I had a feeling it didn't take much to confuse this dude.  "Your card is all activated then, Mrs. Jarcy.  Is there anything else I can help you with today?  No?  Well enjoy your day then, bye bye."


Monday, June 16, 2008

It's The Little Things In Life

I just spent an hour pitting cherries.  I've never done that before and I'm assuming most don't bother to do this.  I do, however, highly recommend it!  I will now spend the rest of the evening noshing on these little yummies.  

I just realized I have a deep love of pitted foods.  I can finish off a large vat of olives in just a couple of weeks.  And then there's peaches, nectarines...what else?  Well maybe that's it.  But I really do love them.  

Cheese isn't so bad either.    

Friday, June 13, 2008


You know the housewives of New York City?  There are millions of them, I'm sure, but I'm thinking of the ones who recently had their own show on Bravo.  One of them was quite the energetic loud-mouth.  Her name was Ramona.  No offense to Ramona, but she really was bouncing off the walls most during the show.

Well I think all her female relatives have moved in across the street.  Correction, I think her female relatives and their kids have moved in across the street.

These women are SCREAMING outside as they micro-manage their litter-sized broads.  I want kids some day, but Goddess help me if I decide to be as oblivious to the lives of others in the process.  I can handle the children frolicking about--they giggle, scream, cry, scream some more and tear down the block in their wagons.  That's fine, they're expending energy.  But the women yelling out everything from what they'll be cooking for dinner to how much longer the litters have outside before bath time is unbearable.  I now know way too much about these people simply by sitting in my living room while attempting to read a book.  I never thought I'd say this but I won't mind if it rains a little more...  

P.S.  I lied up above, the kids are now driving me nutso as well now.    

Thursday, June 12, 2008

This Really Is What I Think About

I have become obsessed with the word "often" lately.  

I pronounced it without the "t" sound (offen) one day and then later on Mr. Jarcy said it with the "t."  Then the next day he said it without.  Which is correct?  Seems weird that we're not supposed to use the "t" since it is present.  

I've taken this bizarre fixation further and have been taking note of other people's pronunciation of it...many say it without the "t" as well.  Even on TV.  

Are we all just getting lazy here?  I now feel like I need to reintroduce that "t" back into society's usage.