Monday, December 29, 2008


People often ask me if I have pregnancy cravings.  While I do enjoy some foods more than others these days (peaches and oranges are popular), it's not foods that I crave so much as activities I miss.  The more pregnant I've gotten, the more prominent the cravings for the following have become:

Laying on my back-- I can't do it right now for more than 5 seconds before I get very uncomfortable.  I'm like a turtle who's trapped on it's back and can't flip over.  I hate it.

Relaxing baths-- I take baths now but it's not the same.  I can't lie completely back (refer to above), the water can't be too hot (um, I like it hot hot), I barely fit in the tub (no joke) and they're more therapeutic than calming (ouchie hip therapy).  Then there's the issue of carefully getting down into a sitting position and upon completion of the bath hoisting myself up and out.  To say it's a struggle is an understatement.

Beer-- I haven't been this sober since I was a teenager (what can I say, I was an early bloomer and grew up in the suburbs where drinking was an obvious and easy past time).  The first 4 months of pregnancy I had no taste for alcohol which was great.  Lately, however, I could really go for a tall, chilled brewsky.  I've taken a sip from Mr. Jarcy's and--holy moly--it's like nectar for the gods.  I've also had this vision of me breastfeeding while relaxing with a glass of red wine and I'm pretty sure that's not how it works.    

Flying--this one is especially weird because I am not a good flyer.  I used to fly often so perhaps it's just weird to not be traveling at all.  And as stressful as flying seems in the future, I'm already working on Mr. Jarcy to think a summer trip is a fabulous idea.    

Cartwheels--Yep, I'd really like to do a cartwheel again.  Other activities that fall under this category are handstands, backbends and leaps.  Basically anything I did as a gymnast a billion years ago I miss.  (And if you really want to see something hysterical, ask me to demonstrate jogging...Mr. Jarcy and my sister will vouch for how silly I look.) 

Drinking something other than Gatorade--enough said.   

Sunday, December 28, 2008

Night Owl

I have new hobbies for the middle of the night.  I used to sleep but those days seem to be gone for a little while.  Here's what I do instead--

  • Wake up with my hip cramped up.
  • Get cramped hip massaged by Mr. Jarcy (he's so good to me).
  • Lie awake and worry that the baby will come and I won't have his room ready (or any other room in the house, for that matter).
  • Drink Gatorade.
  • Eat.  A lot.
  • Fidget with the thermostat--I'm usually hotter than blazes between the hours of midnight and 8AM.
  • Troll around the Internet.
  • Eat more.  A lot.
  • More Gatorade.
  • Avoid writing in my journal.

Now that I've covered the above, I think I'll play my little Tetris game and take down the Christmas tree.  Then around 6AM I'll go back to bed.  Tomorrow I will repeat.  

Saturday, December 27, 2008


I always thought babies in utero were asleep until they were born.  I knew that they kicked and moved around but I still didn't think they were awake-- I thought they were hibernating or something.    

Well I was wrong.

It's obvious that at times my little Fetus Boy is awake and ready for action.  I went to an improv show a few months back, sat behind the piano player and Baby Jarcy wiggled around the whole time.  Then a few weeks back a transformer blew up in the alley across the street in the middle of the night and Baby Jarcy woke up startled by it even before I did.  He can sleep through lots of noise and then wake up in total silence.  He especially likes to wake up in the middle of the night when I am asleep.  I will be soundly asleep (not an easy feat these days) and all of a sudden start dreaming about movement.  Then a few minutes later I'll wake up realizing that He is moving all around and prompted the dream events.  Oh yeah, and he LOVES to move around when I'm sitting in the car.  How does he know it's the car?  I have no idea but my fetus is very smart and he seems to know.  My coat cannot be buttoned up--he doesn't like it--and he kicks all over the place until I open up my outer layer.  Then he kicks some more.  

He just kicked me right now.  Heehee.  And his little hands are way down in my pelvis and they like to move all around.  A totally surreal feeling at times, lemme tell ya.  It's bittersweet--I'm ready to reclaim my body but I'm also going to miss my Belly Boy terribly when he's out on his own.     

Friday, December 26, 2008

Well, It Never Gets Boring

Hello!  Happy Friday all...ooh, it's 11:11 so make a wish!

Every week or so some new pregnancy ailment/challenge/quirk presents itself.  Past ailments have included the inability to drink plain water (that was during the first 4 months), super painful hip sockets and, of course, the ever present and popular too low blood pressure.  

This week's issue has been nose congestion and bleeding.  I had read in the expectant mother's guide book that this might happen, however, it didn't seem to affect me.  No two pregnant woman are the same.  In fact, not every pregnancy is the same.  Each pregnancy is like a snowflake--different, unique.  So I thought I had avoided this congestion/stuffiness thing just like I have dodged heartburn (thank you Goddess above!).  Nope, no nose problems for me-- that is, until now.  Out of nowhere I've been afflicted with stuffiness that I can't blow out.  When I do blow it out--which seems to be mostly in the middle of the night when one should be sleeping--it is bloody.  

Gross, I know but I can't help but share.  It's all very fascinating to me (and by fascinating I mean fascinating yet extremely annoying and trying).  So I will continue to use my neti pot (that's also kinda gross and I'll spare the details), run my humidifier...and wake up every 90 minutes to blow my nose.  And I guess I'll be thankful I didn't have to deal with this until well into the 8th month.  My only hope is that it does leave my body at some point with Baby Jarcy.  
And now it is time to put a hot water bottle on those ouchie hips...(hilarious).  

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Get Higher Baby

Merry Christmas!  

If you don't celebrate Christmas then I say to you Happy Wednesday!  (It's Wednesday right?  I get easily confused these days.)  Mr. Jarcy and I are headed to the burbs to celebrate with our families over the next few days.  I have a feeling that the running theme with gifts from both families will revolve around Fetus (soon to be Baby) Jarcy.  

While the next two days will be out of the ordinary--you know with the whole bingeing and gift giving deal--there is one daily task that I will not be delineating from...

drinking copious amounts of Gatorade.  

Have I mentioned this before?  Oh, I'm sure I have and some day I'll add links to past posts (refer back to above reference to confusion).  Anyway, I have to drink a lot of Gatorade so that I can keep my blood pressure up.  It helps retain all the salt our bodies usually excrete when we drink just water.  Most people benefit from this as they don't need their blood pressure highered.  In fact, I'm not even sure "highered" is a word.  But lowered is a word and I know this because blogger doesn't correct me for that word like it does for "highered."  (Mr. Jarcy says the correct wording would be "raised" but to keep up with my bit.)  And since I need the pressure highered--or at least retained above 80/50-- I eat stuff that has salt, drink very little to absolutely no water and consume no less than 8 Gatorades a day.  In fact, I drink anywhere between 1 and 3 Gatorades during the night when most people just sleep and occasionally pee.  Weird huh?  Yep, I think so too.   

But it works and for that I am ever so grateful!  To not feel the need to pass out is incredible and I'll never take it for granted again.  (I know that's weird too.)  So what if I have to carry an 8-pack of Gatorade with me when I leave the home!  If it works, I gotta just do it.  

And with that, my 8-pack and I are on our way out the door.  Happy Holidays all you lovelies!  

Tuesday, December 23, 2008


It has been snowing outside for hours now.  There is already snow and ice covering the streets and sidewalks.  Chicago made the brilliant decision to not plow side streets so my car is buried.  I'm too pregnant to leave the house without a chaperon in these conditions.  Feel sorry for me, please.  

So I'm kinda stir crazy.  As a result:
  • I just put my hair in pig tails. 
  • I put on a ton of make-up.  Play time I guess. 
  • I've sorted the laundry a few times (you have to walk outside to get to the machines and that's where I'm stuck).
  • All the bills are paid--even ones that haven't shown up in the mail that I looked up online.
  • I can't go buy my remaining Christmas gifts.  I feel guilty.
  • I wish I had cash to hail a cab to these stores so I could stop feeling guilty.
  • I would still have to navigate the snow covered outdoors and I'm feeling nervous about that.
  • I feel guilty about the gifts not purchased but not enough to jeopardize the trip outside.
  • I'm ready for Mr. Jarcy to come home.
  • I hope Mr. Jarcy isn't too frightened by my appearance when he arrives.
  • I'm thinking of naming my baby Freddy after Freddy Mercury. 
  • I'm blasting Guns N' Roses song "My Michelle" which is not very warm or fuzzy.
I think that about covers it for now.  

Monday, December 22, 2008

All Systems Go

So I'm still pregnant.  And that in theory is a good thing--we're well into month 8 but still need a little growing to do.  In reality, it is an unpleasant thing.  Where that growing will take place I am not sure because I am huge.  I'm wearing shirts and sweaters that belong to Mr. Jarcy and Mr. Jarcy's brother because my cutie preggie clothes don't fit.  The Jarcy men are all over 6 feet tall and average 190 lbs.  

I'm really not far from 190 lbs myself.  Well, it's not right around the corner but I am much closer to it than I ever thought I would be.  I'm only 5'2" so I thought how much can I possibly gain?  A lot apparently.  Huh...interesting.

Since I am into month 8, my body seems to be in delivery prep.  I feel like an airplane with pilots checking all systems for take off.  Lights work?  Check.  Tire pressure appropriate?  Check.  Gas in the tank?  Check.  

Flight crew, we are ready for departure. 

Monday, December 15, 2008

I Am Part Sci-Fi Nerd

Sleeping is not the easiest for me these days.  I slept through the night two nights ago--with no hip pain thanks to my newly acquired and terribly expensive memory foam mattress topper--but last night was another story.  For reasons unknown to me, I can only sleep on my left side now.  Pregnant women are instructed to sleep on their side anyway, but most seem to have the option of one or the other.  I too had this option until recently.  Unfortunately, now if I lay on my right side my heart starts to race and I begin my whole fainting spell dance.  

HAHAHAHAHA!  Seriously, you have to laugh at this stuff!  The body is so weird.  

So I got up today at 5am and read about labor, delivery and life once Baby Jarcy is squirming in my arms and no longer in my belly.  I might as well get used to being up early in the morning anyway so I didn't get upset.  

And then something wonderful happened...

I turned on the TV and realized "Angel" is on at 6am on TNT.  I was hoping for a "Law & Order" but this was way better, I hit the mother load!  I am such a nerd for Buffy and Angel shows.  And then something even better--I noticed that the kid who had played Angel's son Conner is now a character on "Mad Men."  WOW!  

I cannot tell you how thrilling this seemed to be at 6:12am.  I even woke up Mr. Jarcy to tell him the news.  And God love him, he was very happy for me.  

I wonder if watching old "Angel" reruns could keep me occupied well enough to reach 10 cm dilated when I'm in labor....

Sunday, December 14, 2008


I'm on a quest to find my old Tetris game.  


I used to have a cheap Tetris that I bought at Target and was addicted like tween girls are to "Twilight."  I would play for hours.  I was unable to hold conversations with Mr. Jarcy.  I was dreaming about aligning different shapes together at night.  Mr. Jarcy even had a little intervention with me over this disruptive hobby.  

So I got rid of the game.  I knew that if I had it in my life I would want to play it and play it and play it.  And in return, necessary things like showering, eating and walking dogs would be ignored.  I went cold turkey and never looked back.

Until now.  

I need that game back!  I have decided it will help me get through parts of labor and I want it in my toolkit along with one supportive Mr. Jarcy, my ipod and an exercise ball.  But I went back to Target and it is no longer there!  Oh goodness me, I gotta find it...

Saturday, December 13, 2008


Still no call from the woman to apologize (refer to last two posts).  And I just keep thinking I'll get some form of communication from her--call, email, telegram.  Nope.  It's like that book "He's Just Not That Into You" only I no longer date so this is my experience.  I've been stood up by this irresponsible woman and I just keep hoping she'll redeem herself and behave the way I want her to.  Nope.  I've been dumped before I even got to know her.  

You can see I have way too much time on my hands.   

Thursday, December 11, 2008

My Boobs Took A Class


I went to a class on breastfeeding tonight at the hospital.  3 videos, some discussion time and 2  and a 1/2 hours later, I feel I at least know the difference between a "good latch" and "breast compressions."  Yeesh.  How well I actually achieve these tasks is yet to be seen.  But I hired the doula to help me with all of this stuff and so if I fail it is strictly on her shoulders.  :-)

Remember last weekend when our childbirth class was cancelled?  Well guess what?!  It was NOT cancelled!  I met this other couple at class this evening and they had attended!  They are now prepared for childbirth.  And I am not.  They said they were told to go to several different locations before finding the correct room but it did indeed take place.  I called the contact woman to let her know this runaround is not what a super pregnant woman needs but I'm pretty sure she'll continue her unprofessionalism and not return the call.  Growl.  

Saturday, December 6, 2008

Preparing To Go "Live"

"It's snowing, my hair is poofy AND we got up for nothin?  
Well, let's put this blanket and pillows back in the car.  Grrr." 

Mr. Jarcy and I were signed up for a day long prepared childbirth class at the hospital.  I'm not sure if I have discussed my feelings on the whole experience yet but if I haven't let me tell you-- I'M TERRIFIED!  I didn't necessarily want to attend a day long class on a Saturday but I did want to feel prepared.  We showed up at 8:30am only to be informed that the instructor had just called and cancelled the day.  How do you cancel a childbirth class???  Can't there be someone on deck to fill in?  It's not like we were simply discussing our picks for the Superbowl, this was kind of an essential class.  So needless to say, we are anything but prepared.  Sure, I have a book on birthing and everyone tells me my yoga training will come in handy but I'm still not set the way I'd like.  We're into week 31 of pregnancy (you're supposed to take them between weeks 28 and 35), other classes are full and it's the holidays...time is not on our side here.  

Anyone an expert on birthing a baby?  Right now I'm thinking I'll just try to read "Twilight" through each contraction... 

Friday, December 5, 2008


I weighed 5 lbs 4 oz when I was born.

I weighed 86 lbs when I entered 7th grade.  

I weighed 106 lbs at the end of 7th grade by experiencing a 2-inch growth spurt and quitting my intensive gymnastics training. 

I have gained more than 40 lbs from pregnancy.  I still have a few months to go so its safe to say that number will be climbing at least another 10 lbs.  I will have added over a third of my body's normal weight in the last 9 months.  

Woah.  Um, that's a lot of weight!  Yeah, I want to be skinny and all that but my immediate concerns have been more about keeping my balance and navigating winter with all this extra padding.  Thank god I've been given somewhat of a break in the vanity department lately.  Plus, everyone seems to give you the pregnancy excuse and only encourage me to consume as much as possible.  

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

A childhood friend passed away last weekend.  We had just reconnected a month ago after many years out of touch and I was thrilled.  He was so sweet in his emails and I felt like a swooning teenager.  He wrote of his future plans.  A girlfriend of mine and I have often wondered what had become of him and now I was getting to find out AND being generously complimented.  Well, I felt special.  Did he know how good that made me feel while in this hugely pregnant and life-changing state?  Probably not.  Did I make him feel special too?  I hope so, even if for just a moment.  I wish life was different and it's too late.  I hate that.  There's so much I didn't seem to know and if I had maybe I could have helped?      

Where ever you are, friend, I pray you have found the peace you didn't seem to have here.  You deserve that.  And thank you for giving me something I truly needed before you left.   

Monday, December 1, 2008

You Kicked My Bladder, Kid. And Now My Lung...

After a night of sleep, I am worn out.  Let me explain...

My hips are spreading.  And it hurts.  Bad.  I know, pleasant huh?  Oy.  I am lucky in that it doesn't hurt all day and I'm able to function (you know, when not experiencing fainting spells).  But the night time is another story.  Preggos are only supposed to sleep on their sides--preferably their left sides--and my hips are in excruciating pain as a result.  I gotta get back to my massage therapist pronto.  And perhaps I need to increase his hours.  Yep.  So anyway, when I am most tired and in need of rest this hip pain kicks in and makes it quite difficult.  I get up in the middle of the night and walk around.  And squat.  Lots of the squatting position all over my house.  I look like a toddler trying not to pee his pants or something.  Good thing it's dark and nobody's watching.  

I am encased in this pillow empire on my bed.  I bought a maternity pillow which is like two full body pillows attached at one end with another pillow.  Horseshoe shape and curvy in some places to accommodate my massive belly.  I also have 3 other pillows--one to help prop me up a bit, one between my legs (supposed to help the hip pain but doesn't) and one that alternates either supporting me in front or in back.  As ridiculous as this sounds it does all help me...until I get to sunken into the cocoon and I get trapped.  Poor Mr. Jarcy is barely on the bed already and then he has to pull me out before I go nuts. 

After 28 weeks of pregnancy, women are supposed to make a special time each day to lay down and count the number of times their fetus kicks.  It's important to feel movement at least 10 times within an hour.  I, however, do not need to make the special sit down time because this kid rarely stops moving!  I'm not kidding, he goes through spurts where he is either pushing, jabbing, kicking or rearranging his entire body nonstop.  Sometimes this hurts.  Bad.  You get to the point though where you're so grateful he's so active.  While I am already sleep deprived I luckily find it funny.  Mostly.     

I apologize if I've already posted this stuff before...this is my life these days and it is all very overwhelming at times.