Monday, October 29, 2007

Dial 271 For Express Check-Out

I'm a thief!

Last week I stayed at a Holiday Inn outside of Chicago for a work trip. I was just going through the tote bag I took on that trip and found the "Holiday Inn Telephone & Guest Services Guide." Woopsie. Should I mail it back to them? Maybe I stashed it away in my sleep (during what little sleep I got in my room facing the highway).

Sunday, October 28, 2007

Figure This Out, Freud...


I bought a new phone and switched my phone service to Mr. Jarcy's plan. The thought was this would save us money, however, the plan we now share costs about the same as our individual plans. Ah well.

I use a ton of features on my phone and especially love the NOTES tool. I use it to remember birthdays, my frequent flyer mile numbers and this gem of a thought--

"I am protected at night. Grab your nearest elder! Went to bed early. Big fence to keep out or possibly in. Fighter planes overhead. Always the youngest, even at sixty. I want to be old."

What??? Yeah, I have no idea either. I'm sort of afraid of myself now.

Monday, October 22, 2007

I Keep Them Guessing

"Come had to know the day would come when one of us would sit on the only piece of furniture we haven't covered in fur! I guess you'll just have to find a new seat for your allergic friends. Suckers..."

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

I Hope It's Not Raining Tomorrow...I Gotta Fly To Another State Far Away

Hello hello!

So I was given a light box for seasonal affective disorder. I'm not sure if I have seasonal affective disorder (SAD) but I'm loving my new indoor sun immensely! It seems to be a tricky machine--you must sit close to it for 30 to 45 minutes starting out (or at least that's what a site on the Internet prescribed). However, the thing seems to be as strong as football stadium lights and I might be cooking my eye retinas. It does feel really good though. I have an active imagination so every time I sit in front of it I'm in a different place--the south of France, Maya Riviera, Fiji. Ah, Fiji...

Once I tried a tanning bed in the winter, thinking this would help my self-diagnosed SAD condition. It did feel kind of pleasant although I am opposed to tanning beds now that I'm beyond the age of 19. Unfortunately I developed skin spots all over my hands from it...EEEEEEEEEEEEK! It was like I had aged 58 years in the span of 2 tanning bed sessions. I took that as a sign tanning beds were not the same as a seasonal affective disorder light box. And I'm afraid of cancer. I put SPF 45 on even in the winter, no lie.

I found $26 today! And a coat! Well six of the dollars and the coat were actually mine but they had been residing on a coat rack in our hallway and completely escaped my memory. I even looked over the coat several times wondering if it was indeed mine or for some reason someone else's. Of course it's mine! Is it? It looks just like a coat I've had for a long time but it appeared to be in better condition than I remembered and that threw me off. Then I just took a walk around the neighborhood and found a twenty dollar bill on the ground. Nobody was around or I'm sure I would have talked them into taking it. I'm stupid like that sometimes.

Ah Fiji...

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Sleep Becomes Her

Soooo....I'm having some troubles with the sleep. I think we can all agree sleep is an essential part of one's existence. My essential seems to be screwed up. After not going to sleep until 2-3am most of this past week, I ended up going to bed at 1am on Sunday night. And I couldn't sleep. Then last night I was way zonked by 9:30pm and thought, hey I should just go to sleep now or else I'll get that late night second wind. Other people go to bed early, why can't I?

So I did just that. I turned off "Journeyman," "The Bachelor," "The Hills" and whatever else I was simultaneously watching (all of them really suck by the way) and I was asleep by 10pm. 10pm! I haven't done that in ages or at least not since a trans-Atlantic flight or something. I was convinced I'd be getting an awesome night of sleep. Other people can go to bed early, so can I!

Anything that could sabotage this sleep would indeed occur. Here is a short list...

  1. I woke up at midnight wide awake.
  2. Mr. Jarcy came to bed and tossed and turned a bit. This woke me up.
  3. I woke up approximately 759 other times wide awake throughout the night and for no apparent reason.
  4. My Crazy cat began growling in her sleep. Growling! She was dreaming and then even hissed which must have woken her up from this nightmare. Brother!
  5. I woke up to the smell of grilled onions and realized my entire apartment smelled like this from the meal I had made for dinner. It was quite yummy but then you don't want to wake up to that smell.
  6. Woke up with songs from a musical plastered in my head. This happened repeatedly.
  7. Crazy cat woke me up to be fed around 3:3oam.
  8. Fatty cat began opening cupboards in search of food. (Her name is Fatty for a reason so they're squirrely with this diet their on.)
  9. My neighbor below is now getting up for work. It feels like 5am.
  10. My neighbor NEXT DOOR is now getting ready for work and it's like she's doing it in my bedroom! I can hear her talking, her hair is getting dried, she's laughing....
  11. Mr. Jarcy is now up. He's doing vocal warm ups before work. Don't ask.
  12. Some woman is walking her kid outside and singing an annoying kid friendly song while also pointing out all the different Halloween decorations my neighbor has out front.
  13. Cats--Fatty and Creepy--decide it's time for me to rise again to feed them. So I give up and just get up.

Other people go to bed early. I'm not other people.

Monday, October 8, 2007


I just voted for Mel B. on "Dancing With The Stars" and now I'm watching the latest rendition of "The Bachelor." Oh dear goddess above, I think I need some new hobbies. Anyone up for bridge?