Friday, February 29, 2008

January, Strawberry and Chickahominy

The societal norms we create fascinate me.  Of those norms the baby naming is one that I am particularly intrigued by these days.

Naming a baby after a month--April, May, June...these have all been socially acceptable.  August has also gotten himself in there.  But what about March, October, September?  Months ending in "ber" are not okay?  Why is this?  

Naming a baby after fruit-- We now have at least one Apple in the midst.  And probably hundreds more after she paved the way.  Hmmm, I guess there are no other fruit names.  At any rate, there are definitely no vegetables.  "Asparagus, come away from the TV and don't make mommy say it again or you'll be having a time out!"  Nope.  

Naming babies ridiculous words-- Suri.  Suri?  Suri!!  I'm trying to see if this sounds like a baby.  It does not.  Did any of us really think Katie Holmes would be the type to name a daughter Suri?  I sure didn't.  I pegged her for the classics like Grace or Madeline.  That said, I seem perfectly comfortable with the names Maddox, Shiloh and Zahara.  Um, aren't these just as ridiculous?!  Yes, they are.  

So I'm right back where I started.  Certain names just hit us as bizarre and unfortunate-- 
"Think of the taunting that child will endure on the playground!  Were they smoking CRACK when they made that name decision?" 

Others seem acceptable, innovative, cool-- "Woah, naming a baby after a Civil War battle is the coolest!  I'm totally naming my first born Murfreesboro!"  
These trends exist regardless so I think I better be prepared.  I'm going with January, Strawberry and Chickahominy.  And now I've started my own trend because they all end in "y."  

Thursday, February 28, 2008

Dance Revolution Not Required

Oh my goodness!  

Mr. Jarcy and I just had an impromptu dance party in our dining room and I think it was the most fun I've had since my 7th birthday at the roller rink!  I wanted to listen to a song that's been stuck in my head for days and all of a sudden I was dancing.  These days I tend to dance silly unless I'm out at a club (uh, which hasn't happened since 2002).  But tonight I heard the beat and it sucked me in.  It was like I wasn't in control of it and just let go.  Into the fun!  

And then Mr. Jarcy was dancing.  He too seemed swept up.  And together we were dancing!  Around and around our dining room table, effortlessly, in sync with the music!  It was like something you see in a movie, slow motion and award-winning soundtrack included.  

I can't wait til tomorrow for more of that.  I may never see the inside of a gym again.   

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Workshop For Those Who Do Too Much

The Art of Procrastination

*taught by Mrs. Jarcy, professional procrastinator for the last umpteen years.  

Need help avoiding things you don't want to do?  I can help.  I have extensive experience in putting off everything, big and small.  I will coach you in skipping the following:  workouts, catching up on mail, cooking, laundry, every day errands, securing safety deposit boxes at the bank, more fitness related activities, writing novels, planning a move, making vet appointments, etc.  

That's right folks, if you want to avoid reality then I can help.  You will need the following tools to help you in this quest:  
1.  A computer connected to the internet
2.  A credit card for online purchases
3.  A tv with the channels Bravo, VH1, MTV, HGTV, TLC, A&E, TNT and any others that run "Law and Order."
4.  An eye mask for late morning and afternoon napping (we will start with one nap and work up to several within an 18 hour time span).
5.  An assortment of gossip magazines
6.  1 ipod loaded with 80's hair band tunes.  

Class times will frequently change and occur sporadically.  Interested students apply via email whenever you get around to it.

Friday, February 22, 2008


After 3 years of not auditioning, I went on one the other day.  I felt I did a horrible job.  Horrible!  But I got a callback.  YEAH!  I cannot believe it, I really thought I didn't do so hot.  I'm just happy to be in the game here!  If I don't get the gig-which I feel is easily the case- at least I can say I got a callback on my first time back up to bat.  

I'm going to celebrate by blasting some music and vacuuming now.  Those two things go together right?  Oh, no I'm not.  Apparently Mr. Jarcy wants to vacuum and sing.  Because those two definitely go together.  Silly.  

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Willard Scott Should Be Wishing Me A Happy Day!


Today is my birthday. I am now 107 years old, can you believe it? Well I am. I may be old but I am one lucky son of a gun (er, daughter of a gun?). Mr. Jarcy bought me an AMAZING emerald and diamond ring. I can't believe it. Can we say spoiled?! Yep, that's me and I am not taking one minute for granted. Thank you Mr. Jarcy, you make me melt.

I've gotten so many well wishes today via email, phone, text and in-person lunches. There is one entity that beat all the others in wishing me a Happy Birthday though...Acuvue lenses via email. They even sent a "personalized" American Greetings ecard. God, those contacts have always been so thoughtful...

Saturday, February 16, 2008

Major Zappos Plug Here

Look folks,

If you've never ordered shoes from you better do it right quick. Why? Because they are right quick. I ordered some Ugg slippers late night and they showed up the next day around 5pm. Can you believe that???! Holy smokes, I cannot.

Thank you, Zappos. My feet would hug you if they weren't feet and you weren't a website.

P.S. I am, however, still partial to wearing Mr. Jarcy's slippers that are twice the size of mine. They make me feel big.

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Siberia Has Competition

What was summer like? Was that the time in Chicago when we didn't have rain/sleet/hail/snow?! Once upon a time there was a sun too, correct? It's been so long, I don't remember... just a distant memory like my 7th birthday roller-skating party. Gosh, that was a fun time!

I've done my best to live life regardless of this annoying weather. I've walked dogs and hustled about with errands to complete. I've attended retirement and birthday parties. But yesterday I succumbed to its powers and did the unthinkable. I missed my tap class. MY TAP CLASS! You know things are bad when you miss the beloved tap class.

If anyone needs me I'll be in bed reading a cookbook.