Thursday, November 15, 2007

Rules Are Made To Be Followed


A Chicago police officer was mean to me yesterday. But this post is not about that. It's about my cats' sleeping patterns.

He did stop all traffic just to tell me my wheels were not completely stopped at a stop sign though. I stop at stop signs so it's like telling the straight A kid to make a 4.0 GPA. Jerk. Good thing Chicago doesn't have any other issues for a policeman to pay attention to. It's like Mayberry here I guess. The city jails are probably overfilled with people who really stop at stop signs but just not quite enough for him. Fines double for walkers strutting inches outside of the designated white crossing zone.

But hey! This post isn't about that!

My cats decide in the morning that my sleep shift in the bed is over and it's their turn to work the day shift. And by work I mean sleep.

That cop was scary! Did I mention that?! He had big googly eyes but there's still no way he could have seen my wheels turning from the other direction! Why would I conduct a rolling stop in front of a rogue police officer?! That would be stupid!

Perhaps they're convinced the bed is theirs. The fact I sleep on a quarter panel of the bed at night to accommodate their fat bodies backs up this theory.

"Now are you going to stop at stop signs in the future?" OF COURSE I AM! I ALWAYS DO! AND I DID JUST THEN! SERVE AND PROTECT! SERVE AND PROTECT!

God those cats really get me worked up...

Thursday, November 8, 2007

Post Gabbers

Mail carriers like to talk on the phone. A lot!

Don't believe me? Just look around you and you will see--or rather hear--for yourself. I can make this statement because I've been walking dogs around the various north side neighborhoods for over two years. Our U.S. postal workers LOVE gabbing on the phone! I see them talking while they're walking and delivering. I see them talking while sitting in their mail vehicles on break. I see them all over having lengthy cell phone conversations! I wonder if they can count their phone as an expense on their taxes? Either that or they're taking second mortgages out on their homes to pay for the mintues. Seriously, it's a lot!

Now I am in no way knocking them for this behavior...I would be doing the same thing I suppose. It's just a frequent habit I see all over and it makes me wonder what they did to pass the time before cell phones?! Compose sonnets in their heads? Sing? Interact with others? Hmmm...