Monday, April 27, 2009

Free Fleeting Moments

My little friend is conked out and he's not being held.  (Well he is in the picture below but that's just from the archives :-)).  This leaves me with free moments.  Hooray!  What should I do first?  Bathroom break?  Breakfast?  Pay bills?  Ah, I better just sit next to him and make sure he's breathing... and now he's up.  Moment is over-- those were some precious 4 minutes.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Baby Wearing

Don't even think about putting "The Boy" down...he will have none of it!  
So you just go with the flow!  
He's dreamypants.

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Revelations Abounding!

Holy crap I have hit the motherload!!!  (What is "motherload" exactly?  Now that I'm a mom that sounds odd...)  

I have learned some keys to getting Baby Jarcy to sleep more than 2 hours at night.  
1)  Let the kid sleep with his parents.  He immediately curls up to my chest and nods off into dreamland.  Two nights in a row now I have gotten 4-5 hours of continuous sleep as a result.  I feel amazingly refreshed as I have not gotten that kind of sleep since my second trimester pregnant (the bigger I got the more uncomfortable even laying down to do nothing became).  In fact, last night I woke up before Baby did and then was wide awake for 2+ hours.  Baby Jarcy was not.  Wow.    

2)  Let the kid sleep on his side.  The second you put him down on his back he awakens and is ready to be up for the next 39 hours.  After my 5 hours of sleep, however, I realized that he was sleeping quite soundly on his side whether I was there or not.  Hallelujah!  So now he's napping on his side.  It is glorious.   

Because of the above revelations, life now has color again.  

Friday, April 17, 2009

Perhaps A Craigslist Ad Will Produce Results?


There is a Mommy Playgroup at a local mommy/baby boutique and today I ventured out to it.  I have been wanting to attend this group for two months because being a new mommy can be somewhat isolating.  Last night Baby Jarcy and I got a bunch of sleep which is a change of pace so I could get up and get to this group.  (Why are mom and baby classes at times when this mommy can't typically attend?  Weird.)  In order to make the 10:30am time (when my kid wants to nap), I had to make some sacrifices--I didn't eat breakfast, I didn't wash my hair, I had to work with a kid who wanted to nap.  And let me tell you, I really needed to wash the hair because it hasn't been washed since Monday or Tuesday.  Before having a baby, I would NEVER do such a thing--my hair was washed at the very least every other day.  But babies change one's beauty regimen so I ventured out, grease ball head and all.

Run, run, run, get to the play group so I could meet other mommies!  


Baby Jarcy and I had our own play group and then after an hour ventured home passing mommy/stroller packs of twos and threes all the way home.  It was like they had all forged bonds during the winter and now didn't need to go meet other mommy friends at the store.  I felt jipped.  GRRR....   

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Finicky Taste In Music

I can hear Mr. Jarcy in the other room singing an improvised song to Baby Jarcy.  The song goes something like this...

Go to sleep, go to sleep, go to sleep little baby
It is the middle of the day and I just need a half hour
One half hour of free time while you take a nap
Twinkle twinkle little star, please go to sleep

It's a variation of the piece I have composed in the middle of the night...

Go to sleep, go to sleep, close your eyes right now
Close your eyes
Close your eyes
Close your eyes and sleep right now
It is time, sleep right now
Go to sleep this very minute
Mommy's tired and so are you
Go to sleep now, seriously  

And now Baby Jarcy is screaming and more than awake.  Clearly he didn't like the song.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

The Hunk


I miss blogging.  As I've stated before, blogging and babies don't seem to mix.  Or at least my baby doesn't.  He's been called "high needs" although I prefer to think of him as simply passionate.  Or perhaps dramatic.  And sadly, his fussiness seems to be connected some tummy issues.  Babies don't have fully developed stomachs and, as a result, can end up with some painful puking episodes.  The Dr. said that some babies don't even seem bothered by their acid refux--that's the condition--but Baby Jarcy is definitely assaulted by it.  He pukes, cries, eats intermittently and sleeps sporadically.  Babies have a tendency to do all of these things regardless of acid reflux but in his case it's a little extreme.  And the worst part of it (even more painful than the lack of sleep for us all!) is knowing your adorable little baby boy is hurting.  I'm not sure who cries more at times, me or him!  He has medicine though and as long as we have the proper dosage it seems to help immensely.  

Well, the nap Baby Jarcy was taking appears to be over.  Those 20 minutes really blew past quickly!