Thursday, December 24, 2009


A little breakfast on Christmas Eve morning sans there anything more enjoyable? Nope.

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Monday, December 14, 2009

The Fog Is Lifting

Hello! I've been a little pre-occupied and unable to blog. I fought off this rather unpleasant breast infection (that's all I will share with you about that, don't worry) and needed to rest and get healthy. Then my in-laws came for a visit. And then on Saturday I did the unthinkable--

I traveled 2500 miles by air hauling two carry-ons, one huge infant car seat and one huge infant all by myself. That's right, LAX to ORD just me and The Boy who seriously is half my size. What can I say, I like to suffer! Of course the anxiety of conquering this feat set in minutes after purchasing my plane tickets. 4 hours on a plane with a highly active boy? Am I nutso? Well yes. But I really wanted to come home early and see my family. In today's age of flying it is impossible to do it without all these baby accessories unfortunately. One bag was filled with diapers, toys and food galore just for The Boy. Actually the other bag was filled with these necessities as well. For me? One magazine that I got to read for 30 minutes while he slept. And I did it and now never have to do it again I hope. And if I can do that then I can do all sorts of other things. I may go sign up to take the Bar exam without attending any law school whatsoever, that's how confident I now feel.

This Christmas is so different from last year. To be honest, I don't really remember last year's holiday, it's really odd and somewhat frightening. I was soooo pregnant and uncomfortable with my massive body and freezing apartment that I seem to have blocked a lot out. This, however, is a year I'm pretty sure I will never forget. The Boy's first Christmas! The Boy's first New Year's! The Boy, The Boy, The Boy! It feels good.

Thursday, December 3, 2009


Hello! Becoming a mother has made me two things -- selfless and self-centered. Just writing that statement is an example of these extremes I now exhibit. Interactions with others cannot take place without me talking about my mommy trials, tribulations and triumphs. However, having such little free time to myself makes these interactions rare. Now that I think about it, I should adjust "self-centered" to "boy-centered." When asked what is going on in my life that's just for me, I typically cock my head back and forth like a dog attempting to understand human language. Huh? What? Me without The Boy? I'm not following this communication, woof woof.

Yes, yes, boy-centered is much more appropriate. When the garbage men are outside with their loud banging all I can think is, So help me if they wake The Boy up!!! These are the same men who haul all the dirty diapers away too, I really should cut them some slack. And when the dude next door is too loud while he watches any number of sporting events I begin to seethe with rage. He's going to wake The Boy up again over football!? Come on! I suppose now he'll be smoking a cigarette off his balcony and smoke will make it's way into our home and The Boy's lungs yet again! It's as if these people must cater to my mommy demands or there's hell to pay. God forbid a fire engine barrel down the street to help someone in distress, it might wake up The Boy!

Extreme, I know. Except for that smoking part-- I tire of having our windows closed when it's 70 degrees out in December but the alternative would be like living in a hookah bar with the amount that dude smokes. But enough about the neighbor, let's talk about me for a change. So I can't decide what to get The Boy for Christmas...