Saturday, November 29, 2008

Can I Go Out?

My last post was about how grown-up I feel because I have a massage therapist on staff.  

Well this week I feel like I'm back in my early teens: 
a) I'm reading "Twilight" like all young, vamp-obsessed girls are, and 
b) I am not allowed to drive.    

Apparently one should not be on the road when one is 7 months pregnant and experiences random fainting spells (mostly almost fainting these days).  I'm facing the holiday shopping season from my computer.  I'm investigating Peapod services.  And I'm getting carted around by my husband, my parents and my husband's parents.  It's odd.  Fortunately for them I don't have many places to be.  Unfortunately for me, I don't have many places to be.  

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Grown Up Hobbies

There comes a time in every woman's life when she knows she has become an adult.  For some its landing that first big girl professional job.  For others it's having children or buying furniture of their choosing as opposed to relative hand-me-downs or thrift store bargains.  Well, in spite of being 7 months pregnant those are not the experiences that confirm for me I am a full grown woman.

No, my indicator is this-- I have a massage therapist.  

I'm not just telling folks that I get massages here and there, I'm telling them I have a massage therapist.  "When I went to massage therapist today, he told me the most amazing thing about my root chakra..."--you know, that kind of stuff.  There is an established relationship built up here.  That's right, I've essentially got someone on my very own payroll, if you will.  I've been seeing him once a month since I got pregnant.  I really see it as an extension of my prenatal care.  I'm going to spend all kinds of money on Dr. visits and prenatal vitamins (insurance doesn't deem them essential enough to chip in, I love it) and clothes to cover my burgeoning belly so why wouldn't I have this service as well?  I see it not as a self-care indulgence, I see it as a necessity.  Listen, my hips are spreading off in opposing directions, can you really argue with me?  That is not comfortable, nor are the leg cramps or stretched tendons or skin expanding straight out from my body.  

And so I have now added Victor to my team of necessities.  Well, maybe my stylist is the only other one on the team but it's an important group and I don't foresee him leaving after I've gotten this baby out.  How will my hips ever return from their distant lands without him?  Did I mention he'll do wonders for your aches and pains as well?  Oh, you just gotta go see him, I'll get you his card...

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Bun Warmer

I am completely perplexed by this... I cannot locate a winter maternity coat.  

I have a bare minimum fall coat that I found at a maternity store.  It gets the job done, more or less (it just has these flimsy hooks that pop open and no zipper but was cheap and you can't be that).  And I've found many more coats similar to the one I have so kudos to the stores on covering fall and spring.  

There does seem to be a glaring gap in anything warmer though.  Do pregnant women all relocate to Florida and I was not informed!???!  

Perhaps, because I've looked on several websites and see nothing appropriate to wear in snow/sleet/frigid temperatures.  I know I'm a bit of a furnace these days (poor Mr. Jarcy is freezing in our home as a result) but I still think I need warmth during a Chicago winter!  I even  went to a department store and tried on regular women's coats, however, I now resemble one of those big exercise balls and the darn things don't fit around my middle.   

I have to walk some doggies tomorrow in 30 degree weather and must figure out how to bundle up with what I got.  Aw, poor pregnant woman...(cue pity from online readers).   

Friday, November 14, 2008

I'm In Mourning

I miss olives.  

I'm sure this sounds silly but you have no idea how many I used to consume.  I would continue to eat as many as possible if it weren't for Baby Jarcy.  He does not seem to like olives.  WHAT????  Oh, my oh my, he just does not like them.  And, therefore, I have not had any in quite a long time.  
And here I thought giving up "the sauce" (wine) would be most difficult...sucker.

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Seeing Stars

I have been a very delinquent blogger, I know.  It's not my fault though and here are my excuses:

1.  I had to somewhat abruptly move after our apartment had all that water damage.  I did that while being pregnant so it was a little rough.

2.  I had to purchase and begin to assemble baby stuff.  I did that while being pregnant--which is normally when you would do such a thing.  It's been a little rough.

3.  I've been experiencing fainting spells.  It's in some way caused by being pregnant...and that has been rough.

So yeah, my new hobby--fainting.  I must tell you that I don't recommend it.  At first it seemed like I might be dehydrated so I drank more water.  I still got fainty.  I tried to have more to eat.  But then I fainted in my car (thankfully I was parked).  Maybe I needed more protein?  Well now I've gained 9 pounds in one month and guess what...still fainty.  Today I had many tests conducted to see what might be the culprit.  And, lucky me- the girl drawing my blood couldn't get blood out so after minutes of digging around in there (ew!) I almost...wait for it...FAINTED!

I am one tired pregnant woman.