Wednesday, July 20, 2011


The other night I attempted to bathe The Boy.  The Boy hates them lately.  I had avoided giving him one for a few nights so enough was enough.  A wash down was essential, lest he start resembling that filthy boy in Peanuts cartoons with flies hovering above his head.  (Ugh, why can't I remember that character's name right now?  Well you know who I mean right?  Boy resembled him.)

So just as predicted the bath didn't go well.  We fought throughout it's duration.

Wait a minute-- You're telling me you argued with a two and a half year old child?

Yes, I did.

Can you really have an argument with a small child like that?

I'm not sure about others but you can with mine and I did.  It went something like this--

Me:  We're going to take a bath.

Boy:  No I not take a bath!

Me:  Please sit down in the bath, Boy.

Boy:  No I not sit!

Me:  Okay, I need you to sit down now.  You're going to slip and it's scaring me.

Boy:  No!  I not sit!

Me:  Alright, then we're done with the bath.


Sigh.  Something like that.  Not the most relaxing or pleasant point of our day together.  I tried to remain calm but my little empath can pick up on how I'm feeling even if I'm burying those angry feelings as best I can.  I hoisted his forty-pound, slippery body out of the tub (honestly, a large river otter would have been more manageable) and carried him off to his room to dry off.  This is where our next conversation took place--

Boy:  Mommy you not mad.

I say nothing.

Boy:  Mommy you not mad!

Me:  I am a little mad.

Boy:  No you not mad!

Me:  Honey, take it easy.  Let's just get you dressed and ready for bed.

A few moments of silence passed as I toweled him off and found jammies.  Then out of nowhere--

Boy:  Mommy, nobody take you.

Me:  What?

Boy:  Nobody take Mommy.

Me:  No, Boy, nobody take Mommy.

Boy:  Nobody take mine Mommy.  

I scooped him up and held him in my lap and we rocked back and forth for a long time.  Teary eyed, I kissed his head/cheek/forehead no less than a billion times and reassured, "No, honey, nobody take Mommy."  We rocked more.  I kissed him more.  I held him tighter.  He hugged me back.  I was no longer angry.  Just grateful.

He sounds like quite the special little boy.  Very intense, yet smart and irresistible.

He is.

You're a lucky mommy.

I am.



Hi! I'm Jenny said...

Are you sure you didn't embellish that? That is crazy he would think that. I know his mind isn't thinking the same way we do, though. What a sweetie...I'm so glad you have the extra forethought to write things down and remember the special times.

Mrs. Jarcy said...

Hee. The only embellishing I did was at how calm my anger comes off. Didn't elaborate on that. He has now mentioned a few more times of his concern someone will take me away, which is sweet and yet unsettling.