Thursday, July 21, 2011

Security Detail

"Alright, nothing to see here.  Leave this Mommy alone!"
You know you've made it in Hollywood when you find it necessary to hire security detail.  You know, guards to keep adoring fans at arm's length while you make your way to the car after a night of clubbing.  Guards to be on the lookout for that crazy stalker dude who keeps trying to break into your house in The Hills.  Guards to make sure your spouse doesn't eat your sweet potato fries.


My son acts as my very own security detail.  If his father puts his arm around me, Boy is immediate to point out, "No, that's mommy's!" and swats his arm away from my shoulder.  If his father attempts to eat food that Boy has deemed mine he's met with a similar response-- "No!  That's Mommy's!  You not take it!"  Mr. Jarcy bought shoes that are identical to mine (sounds weird but they're classic running shoes that a person of any age can pull off) and this threw Boy into a tailspin.  "Those are Mommy's shoes!  You take off! AHHHH!"  While most of this guarding is against Mr. Jarcy that may simply be because the three of us are together the most.  

At best, I find it flattering, comforting, protecting.  At worst, I find it... aw who am I kidding?  I mostly like it.  Lord knows, there will probably come a day when he couldn't care less about who's eating off my plate.  For now it at times feels like it's just me and him against the world.  And that may be the best part of this whole Mommyhood in Hollywood deal.     

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